What software do you use most often?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Notes on Synths and other great Tools

In most any digitally produced music synths are needed. They can give an ambient background noise, or a trembling trance lead to get that crowd going. Among my favorite synthesizors are prism and reaktor by native instruments. Those are very serious artificial synths though, if you want something just to play with FruityLoops Studio is my go-to guy again. in the OtsX instrument package, you can find ambient and trance lead instruments, and they never let me down. By adding effects or automation, you'll have a song going in no time.

Another thing to play around with is Sytrus, an input instrument in FL Studio. It has packs of anything you can think of from growling, to raindrop piano. I highly recommend it.


  1. I'm not heavy into music production either, but if i'm feeling creative and want to make something, fruityloops hasn't let me down either

  2. Fruityloops is just cool, havent really messes with many others. But this one is def fun.

  3. is fruityloops easy to use? i have but haven't sat down and had a proper play with it yet.