What software do you use most often?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Why You Should Use Music Production Softare

Music production software should by no means be your end game; it should be used for fun, convenience, and to get your musical career or hobby rolling. All in all the software plus all the switchboards will be your best bet and ease of use, but there is nothing compared to the actual studio.
Music Studio software allows you too-
-Create beats in minutes
-Record and Mix your own vocals or MiDi instruments
-Create instant melodies (especially using the riff machine in FL Studio)
-Coordinate your performance on live stage (mostly done using ableton)
-And much more

All in all this software is a great blank canvas to focus all your creative energies; I personally use it as a release of emotion. Which is how many great tracks are made. Another great feature is with them being online you can get help from almost anyone on how to  use them; which is why I'm here. To inform you cool tricks, answer questions, and just all around be informative on the subject.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

So That I Have a Better Idea...

What kinds of questions do you guys have about different things?
Examples include:
-Making Melodies
-Making Drum Beats
-Recording MiDi input
Personally if you are just starting out (or computer is low to mid-end) to learn the feel of things with FruityLoops; it's much easier to make a simple beat in their interface. If you guys have specific questions I will find an answer for you, and if i had the same question as you do I will give you the reference that helped me; and eventually make my own videos and tutorials when I get enough feedback.
Get at me, in the meantime I will post generic music related articles.